Player Values in a Strange League... Looking for Help

Hey everybody,

I play in a league with a pretty strange setup in terms of the draft, the scoring, and… basically everything really. It’s not ideal, and normally I just play in normal leagues on ESPN. I’ve tried for years to get the league to adopt normal sorts of rules, PPR, no kickers, fewer drafted players, you name it. But, no dice. A lot of people might quit such a league, but as is, it’s the only one I really get to play with friends, and the only one I get to play for money, so I’m sticking around.

Anyway, I’ll talk about the roster setup and draft first. Each week, a lineup is 1QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1 TE, 1DST, 1K. No flex! Hate it, but there it is. As for the draft, we all have to select 3QB, 5RB, 5WR, 2TE, 2DST, 2K. So, yeah… also pretty dumb. We all select one keeper to start off the draft and then we do a NON-SNAKE draft in which you always draft in reverse order of the previous season’s standings. So, you often go from winning the 'ship to a bottom feeder, which is my situation now. So, at least the silver lining is that I draft second every round. Only exception is that if you’re new to the league, then you don’t take over the existing team and pick a keeper and instead are forced to draft last every round! That’s probably the absolute dumbest thing about the entire league, and that’s saying something.

Scoring is similarly asinine. Any touchdown is 6 points. Fine. But then, a player gets one point for every 50 yards passing or 20 yards receiving/rushing. 300 yards passing gets a 3-point bonus on the spot and rushing and receiving reward a 3-point bonus for every 100 yards. So, a 200+ yard game is even more ridiculous than usual. Thing is, there are also no decimal points. So, 99 yards rushing = 4 points, but exactly 100 yards rushing = 8 points. -1 for picks, no penalities for fumbles.

Kicking is pretty normal, but you do get 5 points for a 50+ yard field goal. Defense gives 2 points per fumble or pick, safety, or blocked punt/FG. Sacks get a point. TDs are 6 of course, and then a shutout is worth 10 points and 7 or fewer points allowed is worth 5. Yardage allowed does not factor into DST scoring.

With all of that stupidity out of the way, I think I might be going about player valuations in a slightly wrong way in this league and I’d love some suggestions.

At a basic level, should I value elite QBs more highly in this league than in a normal, functional one? In particular, should 75-year-old statues like Brees be shooting up in my valuations? The 300+ yards seems awfully appealing, and maybe it’s solid to have a guy who’s going to hit that fairly consistently? I rolled with Josh Allen and Carson Wentz as my real QBs last year, and that… basically sucked. With this scoring, the top 5 QBs last year in points per game started were Jackson, Brees, Stafford, Winston, and Prescott. Then, there’s the wrinkle of 30 QBs getting drafted, so there’s basically nothing on waivers at the position. Should I spend a high, high pick on Jackson, Mahomes, Murray, Prescott if available? According to ESPN projections, Brady would rack up a ton of TDs and passing yards as well along with Matt Ryan (especially the yardage there).

Then into the FLEX folks, after a few years, it kinda seems like the whole thing is awfully touchdown-dependent. And, with no PPR, no decimals, and the points bonus at 100+ yards, I’m thinking that pure runners like Henry and Chubb go up in value. I’m thinking Chubb as my likely keeper ahead of Miles Sanders or Austin Ekeler, but maybe that’s close? Again, does Chubb’s pure running (and therefore better shot at a hundo) put him above the other two?

Also starting to think that TEs are just a joke. I drafted Kittle last year and he got all of 5.9 points on average (tied for third with Cook and Hooper). Kelce was actually TE2 with Mark Andrews at TE1 with 6.7 points per game. Even more so than any position in this league, I think TEs might be basically 100% dependent on touchdowns for any value. As such, should I just basically ignore them and nab Fant, Giseicki, or somebody like that nice and late?

To summarize, I think I’m looking for help with these main questions based on everything that I’ve described above about this silly league.

  1. Should I primarily be chasing touchdowns with this setup?

  2. Do I need to value quarterbacks highly in this format?

  3. Should I also pay close attention to chasing guys with the best chances to go over 300+ passing or 100+ receiving/rushing, even though it might mean forgoing RBs who will get some pass-catching work but rarely hit 100+ rushing?

  4. Given all that, do I keep Chubb over Sanders and Ekeler?

  5. Based on who I’m pretty sure others will keep, I think the following guys will be my options for first pick. Who should I go with? - Lamar Jackson or Michael Thomas (depends on which one the guy keeps); either Ezekiel Elliott, Alvin Kamara, or Derrick Henry (the guy had all three last year, so he only gets to keep one); Davante Adams (because she had CMC and will keep CMC); or maybe even Clyde Edwards-Helaire if it’s really all about the TDs.

Thanks for reading. I hope I’ll be able to get some solid help here to try to get my head straight before our draft.

Long read! A few quick thoughts…

-the experts will tell you to wait on QB, but you have to know your league. I play in a league where the QB scoring is somewhat similar and QBs fly off the board. If i dont take one before round 6 im not getting anyone solid. Point being, I wouldn’t take Lamar in the first, but dont be afraid to go after a Brees, Ryan, etc who will air it out a lot and has the chance to throw a lot of TD.

-As for your keeper id probably lean Chubb over Sanders ever so slightly. Chubb likely won’t catch many passes but since youre non-PPR that won’t hurt you. He still has the chance to get a lot of carries…especially ones near the goal line. If youre willing to take more of a risk then roll with Sanders and hope he blows up like some experts are predicting!

Thanks! Guess I’m not too far off base here. Seeing as the keeper selection is basically the first round of the draft for all intents and purposes, I wonder if I should consider a super stud with my second pick then after taking a Kamara, Thomas, Henry, whatever.

It does seem like year after year in this league, (except for the one year that I took it) the league champ is somebody with a top five QB.

Thats generally how my league is too. Theres always the exception that someone waits on QB then finds an AJ Brown from last year or say a James Conner from 2 years ago to go with a solid RB/WR draft and dominates. But again, know your league…if you think a top QB will carry your team then go out and get you one. WRs are deep this year anyways and I feel there’s plenty of sleepers at TE.