Players you don't expect to have on any teams this year

I am interested in hearing from the footclan about players you expect to have on zero teams this year based on a large difference between personal expectations and expeceted ADP. These are my guys to start the conversation.

Qb: Derek Carr
TE: Martellus Bennett
Rb: Lagarette Blount, Paul Perkins (Expecting ADP of both to rise)
Wr: Brandin Cooks, Davante Adams

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Good topic. Here are some of mine

QB: Cam Newton
TE: Hunter Henry
RB: Adrian Peterson, Latavius Murray
WR: Tyreek Hill, Kelvin Benjamin

Interesting list. I actually think Cam returns to top 10 fantasy qb status where he has been most of his career, but I don’t spend that early of a pick on any qb so, on board there. Hunter Henry 100% agree, that’s better than mine. As a vikings fan, I couldn’t agree more on Murray. I think he is borderline draftable on an average offense with Dalvin Cook and Jerrick Mckinnon still there.