Players you're tired of but can't quite drop

Just curious about all those players that you’re fed up and tired of but can’t drop for whatever reason. Whether it be they’re your favorite or saved your season or you expect them to turn around.
Personally mine is Larry Fitz year in year out he is a beast. Yes we all know how old he is now, and that’s the arguement every year but he produces. He’s gotten a couple more targets last week with Rosen so I’m keeping him another week even though I won’t play him for quite a while or even at all.
What about everyone else?

Mine was Kareem The Dream Hunt before Mondays game. But even still after that big game. Andy Reid just isn’t using him enough.
I drafted 10th in a 10man standard, I picked Saquon at 10th and Kareem at 11th. Wish I picked Melvin Gordon instead, who went 13th!
I’m hoping for more defences to stop Mahomes deep balls like Denver almost did so he will check down to Hunt more.
Larry Fitz is disappointing and I’m sad for him personally if this is his last season, their coach just doesn’t have a clue

Minnesota’s DEF is mine. I also have Houston and will be playing them until the Vikings get to a really favorable matchup (I think next week they’re at home vs. someone not great), so if they don’t show any progress by then, I probably will not hesitate any longer to drop them if they’re taking space I could give to someone to actually be optimistic about.

Mine is Henry, but honestly I’m dropping him this week. 5pts per game is pathetic, i can get that off freaking gore, so he’s getting dumped for a Defense on like Friday so he at least gets stuck in the Wed waiver pool next week. Keeping the bears they’re a must start. I realize he’s a starter, and the titans haven’t had the best schedule, but IDK he just seems like a dud. Plus my RBs are Kerryon, Hyde, Cook, DJ, and Buck so if it comes to Buck vs Henry i’m probably effed for the season anyway.

Understandable frustration re: Henry, but you might do well to just hold off (unless he’s taking up a space you need) until you see how the Buffalo game goes. He ought to see his usual workload or more in this game, and if he can’t show anything vs. the Bills then he can’t show anything period and it’ll be time to relegate him to waiver obscurity.

Derrick Henry for me. It’s in a standard league so I figured he should be decent enough to get goal line chances & hopefully score around 8 touchdowns. Not looking too great right now, but it’s a deeper league so he gets too much volume to drop & is impossible to sell right now.

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Alex Freakin Collins. Fournette went down and I couldn’t grab Yeldon in time. Right now I’m rolling with Alex Collins, Philip Lindsay, James White and Dion Lewis

I second Alex Collins. It’s a nightmare.

Chris Hogan… he’s looked like a dumpster fire all year, yet I know the moment I drop him the Pats are going to figure it out like they always do and go on this gamebreaking run in the second half of the season. Owning Hogan is fantasy purgatory

I feel you about Hogan I have him as well and I keep thinking about how Edelman coming back will open things up.

Lamar Miller. Thought he would at least put up better than Powell, but that ain’t happening. Miller has done nothing this year