Playing 3 players from same team

Have Matt Ryan. Had to drop Hunter Henry and picked up Hooper. Was thinking of putting Ridley in the flex but that would put 3 from the same team. Stick with it or pick someone below for Flex. Thanks

Lat Murray
Malcom Brown
Miles Sanders
R Freeman - Possible drop to pick up Gio


That’s a tough one, while I like Hooper I think Ridley is ver touchdown dependent. I would say go for it, the only thing I might consider is Flexing Brown instead of Ridley but I think Gurley will have a bounce back week and the Falcons vs Eagles sounds like a high scoring game that might be able to keep all three relevant this week.

Thanks. It is a standard league so you are right trying to see who has the most TD upside.

How about Sanders or possibly picking up Gio and dropping Freeman for Flex.

I don’t like Freeman or Gio, especially with Mixon going to play. Reason I go for Ridley is because of the upside.

You can roll with them. Side note, Latavious should have had two TD’s. Brees under threw it. Safe is Ridley, he scores in like 50% of his games and is good for 4-6 grabs regardless but LM does have some upside.

Coach Payton does in fact want to use him more but could not against the Texans. He may get more work this game. Saints sacked Watson 6 times to include 11 hurries. They also got back their DT from suspension. Saints D, tea leaves are saying is going to cause problems for the Rams.

If that happens Latavious will absolutely see more work. I want to start him actually but feel better about Christian Kirk and Fitzgerald going against a beatup Ravens secondary. Ridley’s floor is solid so depends what you need.

Tough call. My worry is that for some reason the Falcons are not doing well than I have 3 players possibly not doing well.