Playing a tough opponent

12-man, Ppr league


QB: Dak
Rb1: Bell
Rb2: Mccoy
Te: Ertz
Wr1: Michael thomas
Wr2: Goodwin
Flex: Perine
K: Elliot
Def: Vikings/Eagles/Denver

Bench: T.Y Hilton, Dede westbrook, Juju, Olsen

I am facing big ben, kamara, Antonio brown, kelce, josh gordon, engram, lamar miller… I’m not sure how I shoud play this week.

The positions in question are Wr2, flex, and defense. Would you guys recommend the lineup as is, or should I go for more upside in dede juju hilton instead of perine. Currently goibg with Vikings d.

Thank you!

I think your lineup as is defeats his lineup but if you’re really worried about upside I would play Eagles D/ST with the hope they score a TD… their d always scores points but Vikings floor is probably safer although NYG suck this year and Philly is trying to get the #1 seed. I lean Eagles slightly but that’s just me. I do think your team will trump his though. I’m in a similar spot, when it’s the playoffs every one is a good team lol

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Appreciate it man. I was eventually gonna switch to eagles, just wanted to hear someone say it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

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Hahah man I feel it, been a very bittersweet week as I lost my QB in wentz and will most likely be stuck with whoever I land of Bortles or Saint Nick Foles lol. In my opinion I always vote go with your gut, and it seems Eagles D is the play for you. Their upside is unreal in a plus matchup. Best of luck this week, and may a championship fall your way!

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If you land both you’re in good shape. Bortles schedule is A+, and so is Foles.

Foles is a capable qb, but probably go with bortles this week and see how it pans out for the eagles.

Loke you said, the eagles are in playoff mode and may start to take it easy soon.


Very true and I have claims in for both with Aaron Jones and Tyrod Taylor going to be the drop candidates. Bortles has the priority for me since he’s he popular play but at very least Foles should be attainable