Playing against Juju and AB...Who to start?

Standard non-ppr. Was expecting a bit more out of Conner but didn’t get it. Now I’m projected to lose. My roster is:

QB: Luck
RB: Gurley
RB: Conner
WR: M Thomas
WR: M Evans
Flex: Chubb
TE: Olsen
DST: Jags
K: Zuerlein

Bench: Green, Kupp, Fournette, Kerryon, Cook, Cousins, and Michel.

Should I make any changes to my lineup? I know it’s semi counterproductive playing the Jags D against my QB but I don’t really have too many options at QB or D this week. I’m 9-0 currently and am kind of expecting to take a loss eventually since I’m preparing for finals but would like to avoid it if possible. His roster is:

QB: Fitzpatrick
RB: White
RB: A Jones
WR: Juju
Flex: Doyle
TE: Kelce
DST: Jets
K: Vinatieri

You have a great team, and will make the playoffs…
I would not make any moves and hold with what you got, play same line-up you currently have…

Don’t panic just because AB/JuJu had good games…
This is still a winnable week, but even if you lose this week your team is solid and should win this league!