Playing Aiyukidding or Jeffersome this weekend, a real brainscratcher

Here I am, like many of you fantasy players out there fighting to get that silverware (or honor, whatever you might play for)… there comes a time, where you have to swallow an enormous load of points called “a stack of Green Bay players”. This is my time, going up against a (true?) Vikings fan with some cheeseheaded monsters called Rodgers, Aaron Jones and Adams…

I gave up on hoping for some miracle Green Bay had these guys on reserve due to close contact. It wouldn’t been fair anyway. So I’ll have to create my own miracle here. With this, I need the Footclans help. So tell me this;

I got Ridley already lined up, now begs the question: Brandon Aiyuk at the Cowtoys or Justin Jefferson at home against a bunch of Grizzlies and Trubisky?