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Playing for last place? Please be brutal

Every year in our playoffs we have our winner bracket and losers bracket. Our loser bracket has someone losing twice and ending up being last place receiving our last place trophy.The winner of the trophy this year was one game away from the playoffs and now a couple league mates have said that “the NFL doesn’t play for last why are we.” Have we been doing it wrong or are they being children? Please feel free to go in on them on the comments or tell me I’m wrong lol please!

They are being children.

We play for last place all the time, it’s called the “Butthurt Bowl” and the “winner” gets an awesome trophy stating in massive text that they are the worst.

Fantasy football is exactly what is it. FANTASY. Do whatever you can to keep people invested and having fun 16 weeks of the season.

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Yeah, completely agree that it’s just fantasy and not the real NFL.

If you don’t want to be playing for last place, pick a better team, make better trades and waiver wire pick ups!

I think it’s awesome you guys have a trophy for the spot. Only thing I would maybe say is have some kind of incentive for the winner of the last place match. Like the winner gets to have first pick and loser gets the trophy or something like that.

Tell them to quit whining and have fun!

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If they’re not taking it in stride and having fun with it, then it’s on them, but I think if it’s league consensus to stop then you probably should.

In my 12-teamer, winner of consolation bracket gets 1st pick following year, working on a last place punishment this year. I think I’m going to buy a medal that someone has to wear for a week that says “I suck at fantasy football” or something like that.