Playing for the championship

Playing for the championship after being in last place after the first 5 weeks so need some help with my lineup. Main concern is if Samuels is going to start and if not do I keep him in at TE (yahoo) or try one of the other depressing TEs. Also my RBs. William’s is very tempting especially if ware doesn’t play but idk who I would replace for him out of my options. Anything helps thanks clan.

Full point PPR

Also I looked at the options available at TE and everette brate herdon and uzomah are all available so who out of them should I get if Conner plays?

Sounds like conner is out so i’d play samuels

Oh I didn’t see that. Well that is relieving thanks yahoo for the fuck up lol

that’s not to say it couldn’t change but another post on here had someone saying he’s out.

By the sounds of it even if he does play seems like he might be limited think I’d still rather go Samuel’s then the options available at TE.

I hear Conner is out if so I’d leave like. Personally I like d Williams over Johnson