Playing for the title with only one starter left, need WR help

The one starter left is Derrick Henry, so that’s awesome, but I am decimated at WR.

Standard scoring,

Keke Coutee
Nelson Agholor
Tee Higgins
Devante Parker

Emmanuel Sanders is available on waivers.

So much depends on starting QBs.

I will start 2 of those guys because RBs are

Derrick Yeti
JK Dobbins

And then either
Salvon Ahmed or
JD McKissic
In the flex.

Do I drop Tee Higgins for Sanders? I’ve got a weirdly good feeling about Higgins. I feel like he’s a good kid and he may go off. Sanders seems so old! I remember drafting him 10 years ago.

I know the fantasty gods will do what they will, but if you all have any thoughts, I’m all ears.

Happy holidays and I hope you all win.

Oh yeah, and for what it’s worth, I also have

James Conner

And lord help me, I may play him in the flex :man_facepalming:t5:

I’d go Higgins over Sanders. I dont think Boyd is going to play opening the door for Higgins. And I wouldn’t trust Drew Brees in the championship due to how ineffective/not healthy he looked last week

I’d go sanders. Hi chance at a TD