Playing my mother in law....CANT LOSE!

Need some opinions on my roster selection, playing my mother in law in the playoffs and if I lose Christmas is cancelled!

10 team .5 PPR

QB - Rodgers, Dak or Keenum
RB - Howard, Kamara, Lewis, Riddickor Duke
WR2 - Thielen, Landry or Goodwin
Flex - remainder of above
I’ve already got Gronk and Antonio in my starting line up

QB: Coin
RB: Kamara
WR2: Thielen
Flex: Lewis or Landry

Rodgers for ceiling, Keenum for safe floor
Howard & Kamara

How many RB spots are you trying to fill? If it’s one, the obvious start is Kamara. If it’s 2, I say add Howard. He’s in a much higher bracket or workload and production than the other two.

WR is tough for me. If you want the ultimate boom or bust option, pair Thielen with Keenum. HOWEVER, I would say Dak has a real chance to have the highest ceiling out of the three QBs you have. Call me crazy for saying Dak over Rodgers for that analysis, but jesus look at the Raiders’ defense. QBs can easily put up career numbers these days. After this last loss, to me, the Raiders are folding. Their chances of making playoffs at this point are basically 0%, so what is already a busted secondary is going to become a flood for QBs and WRs.

I’m assuming you need 2 RBs and 2 WRs?

QB - Rodgers
RB - Howard and Riddick
WR - Brown and Thielen
FLEX - Kamara
TE - Gronk

That’s a good looking lineup.

Note that I only have Kamara in flex because Howard and Riddick both play Saturday. I would rank them Kamara, Howard, Riddick if you need to bump one.

Good luck. Hope Christmas doesn’t get cancelled.

Wow, nevermind - Scratch Riddick. I thought Ameer was out. Updated:

QB - Rodgers
RB - Howard and Kamara
WR - Brown and Thielen
FLEX - Landry
TE - Gronk