Playing my nemesis!

Hi everyone

This week I am playing a friend of mine and we just hate to lose to each other so I am hoping to get my starting roster spot on this week.

I need to play 2 x RBs and 3 x WRs. I have McCaffery on a bye. This is standard scoring

My RBs are: Lynch, Ajayi, Kerryon Johnson & Billal Powell
My WRs are: Hopkins, Sanders, Baldwin, Keelan Cole, Enunwa, and my most hated player Amari Cooper!

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks heaps Footclan!

I’d play Lynch/KJ and Hopkins/Baldwin/Sanders

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Small consideration given to Ajayi but it’s anybody’s guess as to how much work he gets - plus he’s up against a solid Tennessee defense.

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