Playing my wife. Help!

Sitting in 1st place. Wife is in 3rd. Don’t want to lose and hear about it all week. Standard scoring league. I need advice on my WR/RB starts.

Can start 2 WR, 2 RB, 1 WR/RB Flex. Starting Julio. That’s about my only 100% easy pick.

WRs: Robert Woods, Terry McLaurin, Davante Adams, Desean Jackson. I assume Woods and Jackson are out, so I have Woods in right now. Great.

RBs: I have Aaron Jones, Austin Ekeler, Tevin Coleman, David Montgomery. Currently have Coleman and Jones penciled in, but they Raiders run defense has actually been good this year.

Ekeler is in my flex. McLaurin I think is a tough call because SF is playing lights out. Montgomery… i dunno. Assuming Davante plays, he goes in and I move Woods to my Flex.

I’m stressing. Julio/Woods, Jones/Coleman, Ekeler flex. Sound right? Bench Davante/Jackson for injury, along with McLaurin and Montgomery.

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If Adams is active you play him, in which case Flex Ekeler over Woods. RBs look good


Can’t lose to the wife bro :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Go ahead and cancel Devante. We’ll be lucky if we see him full speed by Christmas regardless of when he comes back.

How can you not start Jones and Coleman? I get it. Got to hope they give Jones the chance to redeem himself. Montgomery hasn’t done anything and looks unable to. Eckeler doesn’t warrant starting RB #1/2.

So really, your only decision is Terry or Eckeler for flex. Maclauren is #1 on a bad team vs SF. Eckeler is #2 on a better team that just got another nice piece back in Henry. Could dilute opportunity.

Hate to completely dismiss Montgomery. He’s #1 on a team with a good DEF. He just hasn’t been trustworthy. I had him and dropped him. I’ve had no reason to miss him.

I know I didn’t officially answer but hopefully I helped narrow the scope. Good luck bro!


@SchlaggedReceiver he has Woods starting wideout. Who of who’s left should FLEX is the dilemma it looks

Yeah i guess it does come down to the flex. Montgomery, Ekeler, or McLaurin unless DJax happens to miraculously be healthy.

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@Gramercy_Riffs he’s got Julio too, so if Adams plays that would push Woods down to the Flex consideration, hence Ekeler over Woods

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Right. But Adams won’t play. It’s a mute point. His only decision here is FLEX.