Playing the matchups

Mclaurain vs Buffalo or Emman Sanders vs AZ? Hate having 2 WR’s on such run heavy teams.

Sanders for sure this week. Love McLaurin but Buff is great against the pass and we aren’t sure Keenum is playing. If Keenum ends up playing then I still lean Sanders but not as obvious.

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Ah yeah, forgot Keenum got concussed. Good point.

If Keenum is healthy, I’d go Scary Terry actually. I love Sanders (Niners fan) for real life NFL, but fantasy wise don’t expect big games. We run the ball, and spread it around, especially with WRs. He’ll take the focus of their #1 corner (Peterson this week), so everyone else can eat, which helps out our young WRs. He’ll be consistent I think, probs about 10-12 ppg in PPR, but don’t expect too much boom with Shanny’s game scripts. This week it’s AZ, we’ll smother their offense and run the ball with the lead early.

McLauren is the #1 WR on a team that will always play from behind and a QB who likes to throw to him. In PPR, BUF is actually averaging 28 ppg to WRs (TEN and PHI being the only ones under 20, every other game it’s been 24-40).

It may look bad on paper at first, but McLauren can produce. He’ll receive more targets than Sanders, and will be in a game script where they have to throw it quite a bit. Personally, I’d roll with him.

There have been 3 receivers all year to put up double digit fantasy points against the Bills, and one was Crowder because he had 14 catches (14!), for only 99 yards (barely 7 yards a catch).

They have given up 2 TD’s to WR’s all year. 2!

28 PPG in fantasy to ALL Wr’s on a team is a very low number. That is spread out between 3 or 4 WR’s at least. They are allowing the 4th fewest points to WR’s this year in fantasy.

I’m not playing Terry this week if I have a good second option.

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