Playing your old team in the playoffs, please help!

I need some clarity fooclan. I made a large 4 for 4 player trade earlier in the year and I now play that team in the first round of the playoffs.

The players I got in the trade who I might bench are deshaun Watson and Jordan Howard for bench guys ty Montgomery and Jameis Winston. This is a deep ppr league and Howard is currently my Wosrt potential starter.

I’m only projected to win by 5 and I want to play Jameis/ty but it would be so much sweeter to beat this guy with his old team. I fear I am thinking with emotion more than my head.

Idk about starting howard, he simply just hasn’t been the same player under Naggy. I don’t think it’s a talent issue, just doesn’t fit the scheme he’s trying to run which is why Cohen has been emerging.

BUT, as for deshaun watson, Houston is on a 9 game win streak and playing a very average colts team.

I feel like with Jameis you are rewarded with the fact that he’s going to air it out all game, BUT at what cost? 1 pick? 2? 3? how many until he’s pulled for fitzpatrick, or do you think its so late in the season that they’ll just crash and burn with him?

I personally would trust the efficiency of Deshaun over Jameis, but that’s just my take.

*Note, i just checked the Ballers ranking and they have Jameis at 6 and Deshaun at 9, so they believe they are BOTH top 10 guys, just preference. and like i stated before, i think Deshaun will end the day more efficiently.