Playoff Add/Drop

Alright Footclan, I need some help. I am 6-6 despite this beautiful roster I’ve built. I’ve scored the most points in my league but have just been unlucky with the second most points scored against me. I need to do well in the playoffs, if I can make it and I’m trying to plan ahead.

With Alex Smith pooping recently, I acquired Keenum to help boost me this week. Going forward. I’m not super confident in Keenum for every week of the playoffs. Someone just dropped Cam and I was going to pick him up since he has such a nice playoff schedule. The only problem is… I can’t drop anyone on my team. I already dropped Woodhead and Olsen this week to get Keenum and the Pats D because I don’t need the depth in this shallow league.

Do you have any suggestions for how I can make my roster better for the playoffs? Do you have any start/sit suggestions for the next few weeks?

Any help is appreciated! Thank you.

Help pls! Does anyone have an opinion on this? Any help would be appreciated

I’d drop Alex Smith if you pick up Cam