Playoff advice

Any Gurley owners looking to trade him for the playoffs, if so who are you targeting?

I debated trading him for Hunt… I just can’t pull the trigger. VS Good defenses so far for Gurley: he put up 116 yards vs JAX (no TD) and he was a weird fumble away from a TD vs SEA which would’ve given him a decent game. If you still count AZ as a “Good Defense” (which, no) he put up 106 yards and a TD. His offense has been putting up points and has been dynamic which helps Gurley.

Hunt - decent trade, easier schedule. They’ve been using West more on passing downs though. Good talent.
Shady - uncertain scoring situation, has had a bi-polar season. Good schedule. Good talent.
Fournette - injury risk, lower scoring offense but gets tons of touches. Decent schedule. Good talent.
Ingram - decent trade, good scoring potential, good playoff schedule. Another RB on his team that gets work. Pretty good talent.
Melvin - no, he has a bum toe and is injury prone. He gets a lot of volume to be an RB1 but his talent is ehh.

Gurley - On a good offense, his primary backup is out (likely ROS), tough ROS schedule, is in on most passing downs, good talent.

I just don’t know. My pick would probably be Hunt or Ingram, leaning Ingram, if you really want to make a trade. Pick your poison. Personally, I think I’m gonna ride Gurley out into the sunset for the ROS. Well… unless we can get Le’veon.

Ride gurley the ros Arizona def isn’t good and like he said that fumble into the endzone rule cost gurley a touchdown. Also Sherman out for the hawks which could change things and open more lanes for gurley they wouldn’t be able to stack the box

Melvin is my Rb2. I like Ingram but i doubt I can pull the trigger on any trade for Gurley. Im more than likely going all in with Gurley. Id me sick if I traded him and he goes off in playoffs

Now Gordon for Ingram wouldn’t be bad