Playoff bound (almost)

So I’m in 5th place, one spot out of the playoffs. Russel Wilson is my starting QB. I need to win both week 13 and 14 to have a chance at making the playoffs. My question is - do I bench a stud like Russell Wilson for someone with favorable matchups like Baker Mayfield, Sam Darnold, etc. I had baker on my bench this week, scoring 28 points, with Wilson scoring 9. So sad!

There’s some stat out there that says Russell Wilson is awful in the rain(a friend told me so I don’t know the source). Also, Eagles really are a tough defense plus the Mother Nature factor certainly wasn’t helping Wilson out. Personally, I would stick with Wilson despite Mayfield finally waking up and Darnold having a better schedule. I’m a big of fan of playing match ups but I feel strongly with the play your studs theory. Wilson is having a MVP season- I stick with that. I am rolling with Winston all the way through- so I know about not feeling easy!!

There’s a gentleman here who keeps plugging a QB chart that’s actually pretty awesome. I think his name is Dan- I’m sure he’ll post it on this topic if not I’ll send it to you.