Playoff bound- changes


Playoffs are weeks 16 and 17 unfortunately.

Probably will drop Brate as have Kelce. Better to pick up another D or someone like Ware or Reynolds or stay put.

Waivers are pretty picked over. Thanks

Conner, Cook, Chubb, Kerryon, M.Brown
M.Thomas, Sanders, Boyd, Fitz
Kelce , Brate
Jags which I will drop as have been streaming.

If you play week 17 I might hold Brate in case they rest Kelce then you get screwed

Good point. Any other changes ? Thanks

I’d say maybe drop Fitz for Reynolds.

What D’s are available?

Thought about it but Fitz has a good ROS

D like Broncos, Titans are gone.

Best left is probably Seahawks, Chiefs, Dolphins,Bills, Lions, Cowboys, Browns

I picked up Bills for this past week and got 10 pts PPR from them. So, not too bad. AND…thinking about just holding on to them for the next few weeks. Their schedule coming up is:

WEEK - 13 - MIA
WEEK - 14 - NYJ
WEEK - 15 - DET

They play NE WEEK 16, so prob won’t play them that week.

Gonna try to also get DEN in the AM, but…I’ve got 8th priority claim, so not expecting to get them. :smirk:

Ya thanks .Bills would be ok but need to try and figure out week 16 and hopefully 17 . I had the Jags last week and they got me a big fat zero so if I can get someone for weeks 16,17 and just take whatever I can get until from them until then or maybe will just keep streaming.

Cowboys are there as well. Not a great matchup this week but they are home vs. the Bucs week 16 and home against the NYG week 17.

Yeah…Dallas has been making a fairly strong showing lately.

Grabbed Reynolds for Brate and Seahawks for now. Feel like I might have to many RB or WR now ?

Planning for playoffs is always interesting, and tough when it’s week 16 and 17.
I agree with the thought that Kelce could end up resting in week 17 (although same could potentially be said for Conner and Cook) so having a second solid TE could be important for you.
I think you should consider grabbing two defences with good match ups for playoffs. To do that I might actually consider (for another option for you) dropping Cousins…it might feel gross to do but in the playoff weeks Ryan has far superior match ups to Cousins so you’re more likely to play Ryan in those weeks. If you can withstand the slightly less favorable match up this week, it could be an option for you…

Thanks for the feedback killer15

No problem…however, to play devil’s advocate to my own previous post…as we near the end of the season, the Vikings will likely have more to play for than the Falcons in terms of the real NFL playoff picture, so that may tilt the scale back towards Cousins…
I see a fair bit of “team X has more to play for than team Y” analysis, but I haven’t really tested how that affects performance in years past, so I would take it with a grain of salt…I’ll have to take a look at it down the stretch this season to see if that analysis holds water or not…these guys are all competitive professional athletes and all have “something to play for” every time they step on the field so I’m interested to see how that plays out…

I might keep both for now and see how things play out. Thanks again.