Playoff bound trades

I’m 6-3 in a standard scoring league and currently second place. Trade deadline is tomorrow Nov 11 so I made a few trades to be better prepared for playoffs. I would like the foot clans opinion on how I did and if there’s any other players I should aim for before the deadline. Thanks

Players I traded away
T.Y. Hilton
Brandon Cooks
Jack Doyle
Carlos Hyde
Aaron Jones

Players I received
Julio Jones
Kelvin Benjamin
Devonta Freeman

This league roster format is 2 TE and a flex that can be a QB for half the points with a 10 man bench

Current Roster
T. Taylor
J. Winston
B. Bortles

M. Gordon
D. Freeman
A. Kamara
D. Williams
J. Mixon

M. Evans
J. Jones
S. Shepard
D. Thomas
A. Thielen
C. Davis

D. Walker
E. Engram

Thanks again footclan

Should I try to make a trade for Hunt?