Playoff championship help

So my runingback situation is killing me this week and it is playoff round 1. As the Melvin Gordon owner I need to choose between Austin Ekeler, Justin Jackson. Lamar Miller, Tarik Cohen , and J. Wilson Jr.
Pick 2 to play alongside Kamara

I’d say Miller and Cohen. They’re both on fire, and both should be solid. No telling how Jackson/Ekeler split will go, one i’ll pry be good, one not so good. Cohen should get a lot of work trying to keep up with Rams and Miller should be heavily involved against a Mediocore Colts D.

Everytime I play tarik Cohen he literally get 1-3 points. His floor is basically 0 and i can’t have that in the playoffs . Plus he only gets like 7 touches a game. The Bengals defense has given up a rushing TD every game this season. I really want the better work load which technically should be Ekeler

Cohen and miller. Cohen will be needed to keep up, and the chargers are going to play the hot hand. I think cohen will have the safer floor compared to the charger running backs

Tarik Cohen literally has a floor of 2 points. That’s not acceptable in the playoffs . Hes TD or bust. If he doesn’t get a touchdown You get 1-4 points