Playoff Clincher

I play in an eight team league, so our playoffs start next week. I HAVE to win this week to make it to the playoffs. My lineup:

Lamar Jackson
Mike Evans

With players like Saquon, Evans, Lockett and Odell being so streaky, should I bench these players for someone more consistent (Guice, White, Beasley, Juju, Robby Anderson), or should I sink with the ship?

I’m on a similar situation. Similar squad too.

I have Saquon and vs. the Eagles I know is a bad match up, but Eagles have seriously sucked lately. Saquon tends to have decent games against them despite how well the defense plays. Last week he seemed to be more involved.

If I benched Mike Evans and plugged someone else I would hate myself.
Lockett I can understand better…I just picked up Robby Anderson to possibly replace him.

Long response short…sink with the ship. It got you here. I am.

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Bench OBJ for anyone of those bench guys but JuJu

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