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I currently have the ravens, but they have a tough match up week 15… which other defences would have a favourable matchup?

Sorry week 14 matchup against the steelers away

I have the Ravens too. Week 14 is our last regular season game and playoffs are weeks 15 and 16. If I still need a win that week I would be looking to stream the Patriots (after starting out so poorly, they now have 5 or 6 weeks without giving up many points) or Bills. Week 14 the Pats play at Miami and the Bills are home to Indy, both pretty solid matchups, I think.

Thanks for the response!
Should I trust the current bills Def even against a team like Inday?

Indy is a better matchup of the two I mentioned, but the Bills are in some disarray. I think I’d rather have the Pats defense if they are available.

Here’s a strength of schedule chart you can look at and find other good options for that week.

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I also have the Ravens, and this great advice for the Pats for week 14, would you look at picking them up this week to get prepared, I would need to drop one of the following;

  • Corey Davis
  • Alex Colins
  • Marquise lee
  • Cooper Kupp
  • Danny Woodhead

It’s more about keeping these guys away from my rivals, one of who is really light at WR

I guess I would wait a week and see if things sort themselves out before grabbing the Pats as that’s still two weeks away. I’d want to see more from the Ravens and how they use Woodhead. I’m expecting a good game from Davis this week. Anyway, just sit tight and hope no one else notices that the Pat’s D is much improved.

I thought as much, thanks for your advice

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