Playoff DSTs?

I have Pittsburgh as my current DST but they face Buffalo, Cinci, and Indy.

Obviously Cinci is a smash play but should I look at potentially finding replacements for weeks 14 and hopefully 16?

You cant get much better than PIT defense.

While BUF and IND have good offenses, PIT will gets some TOs and sacks in these games. Furthermore, P. River has the ability to completely fall to pieces against PIT.

Personally, I would stick with PIT defense, just dont expect double digit points against BUF and IND.


I would kill to have Pittsburgh D. They’re a set it and forget it defense. You gotta remember that you’ll get most of your points from sacks and turnovers and they’re ranking at the top of that. You could try to waste another bench spot and have multiple defenses, but why do that when you Pittsburgh? Seattle has a really good schedule for playoffs. So does Arizona- would you feel comfortable with those guys because of a match up or play sure shot Pittsburgh?

Think the only other defenses that you shouldn’t replace would be Indy, Baltimore and maybe Rams. I felt really good about Tampa there for a bit but just lost faith in them.

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Yeah I wouldn’t over think it, Pittsburgh D could have a week winning performance against anyone.

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Steelers you’re fine with as they just always do the business, but other best options for a streamer might not be available due to ownership changes.

I’m rotating Saints and Browns but they’ll be gone in most leagues and I got them a couple weeks back. I’d like Chiefs next week but they’re not available in mine

My ideal stream play

12 saints at denver or browns at jaguars
13 chiefs v denver
14 saints at eagles
15 browns at giants
16 browns at jets


Yea the browns are available so I could pick them up just in case.

Thanks for the input on pitts DST everyone.

At least to keep them away from another team- if you have the space on your roster.

Now that the Pitt/Ravens game is actually in danger of not happening the Browns and Giants are on waivers.

Which would you pick up for this week?

For me it’s Browns. They’re an actual good d v a backup qb with an offense that can chew up clock. A tired d with a backup qb will spend lots of time coming back on the field

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I knew I could count on you Bird! :joy: thank you good sir :face_with_monocle:

Before the qb situation with denver I had saints and Browns being quite close on strength of play this week. Now it’s obviously saints but browns remain an on paper terrific play

Assuming this isn’t resolved by next week, If you have space chiefs are a top pickup or waiver if available

Browns look like a poor bit of advice here. Sorry about that. Made sense at the time

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Haha no worries … that’s fantasy :upside_down_face:

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At least Robinson is having a good day…just need a TD now.

Well there is my Robinson TD and that puts him up at 28pts today…even though the Browns gave me 0 pts I’ll take the 28 from Robinson and be happy lol

I would just play Pitt D and roll the dice as i benched then earlier this year vs Baltimore and they put up 18 points on my bench…