Playoff help for my flex position

Footclanners, need some help with my rb/flex situation. I am a Melvin Gordon Owner. I also have Nick Chubb as my other primary RB. I have acquired Justin Jackson, Jeff Wilson air, and Spencer Ware. I need to figure out what combo to play.

I’m considering playing Wilson instead of Ware. Thoughts? I’m worried that Ware will be part of a committee and he can be inefficient - but the offense is clearly better. Wilson will get the full role and looked good.

Any other thought on what combo of 2 RBs I should playing Melvin Gordon is out. Thanks!

I’d roll with Chubb, Jackson (if MG is out) and Wilson if you need upside. Just make 100% as close to KO as you can that Breida is fully out, we’ve seen before that he can get back to play so just incase he gets a surprise active tag just be ready to pivot to Ware.

I think Breida is officially out for week 14. I think Wilson has potentially a better floor than Ware. Ware has the upside though because he could have multiple touchdowns in that offense. I also have Mahomes and Tyreek Hill though, so I think diversifying away from the Chiefs is maybe the right move, especially given Ware’s inefficiency and the chance at an RBBC