Playoff help- start/sit

I have 3 top running backs, but could only play 2… Cook/A. Jones/Gordon. Right now I am leaning towards Cook and Jones. Thoughts?

I am struggling with my receivers… I have Julio/Golden Tate/Robby Anderson/ Thielan. Had Jeffery, but dropped him. So I picked up Perrmian.

Obviously Julio. I am thinking yes on Tate due to juicy match up (MIA). Then I am wondering if I play Anderson who has been great, but has a tough matchup. I am thinking he could possibly get some garbage points… or do I take a chance that Thielan is healthy and comes back or start or start Perrmian who has been okay the last couple weeks.

Any feedback/thoughts welcome. Thank you!

I would run with Cook and Jones myself. I think Robby is going to be a disappointment this week. So I would probably go Julio and Tate.