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Playoff Lineup PPR


So my opponent has (12 Preson PPR)
Drew Brees
Todd Gurley
Alvin Kamara
Davante Adams
Kenny Galladay
Tyler Boyd
Tre Burton

I have

Big Ben
Aaron Jones
Tyler Lockett
Chris Godwin
David Njoku
Spencer Ware/ or Jeff Wilson Jr.

Who should I start and how screwed am I?


You are screwed. Sorry bud you had a good run


Is this a keeper league - how does your opponent have that team in a 12 team league


They drafted gurley Adams, AJ Green, Cooper Kupp and Amari Cooper, then traded them while they were high, somehow traded McCoy and AJ Green for Kamara.


Unlucky for you but well played by him. At least you will probably lose to your league champ



Upset of the century Last seed tearing down first


Way to go! That’s the fun of FFB. I thought you were a goner!


This just shows how good the CHI DST is. They held Gurley at bay, which no one has been able to do.


Unbelievable haha what a win