Playoff Lineup PPR

So my opponent has (12 Preson PPR)
Drew Brees
Todd Gurley
Alvin Kamara
Davante Adams
Kenny Galladay
Tyler Boyd
Tre Burton

I have

Big Ben
Aaron Jones
Tyler Lockett
Chris Godwin
David Njoku
Spencer Ware/ or Jeff Wilson Jr.

Who should I start and how screwed am I?

You are screwed. Sorry bud you had a good run

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Is this a keeper league - how does your opponent have that team in a 12 team league

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They drafted gurley Adams, AJ Green, Cooper Kupp and Amari Cooper, then traded them while they were high, somehow traded McCoy and AJ Green for Kamara.

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Unlucky for you but well played by him. At least you will probably lose to your league champ

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Upset of the century Last seed tearing down first

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Way to go! That’s the fun of FFB. I thought you were a goner!

This just shows how good the CHI DST is. They held Gurley at bay, which no one has been able to do.

Unbelievable haha what a win