Playoff opponent swap - need lineup advice!

Was looking forward to playing the weakest team in the championship bracket who had held 3rd for weeks and was set to play me (2nd seed) with her team falling apart but after an awful week 14 showing she has dropped to 4th by 10 points and I’ve got a slightly harder opponent based on his team and matchups so need some line-up advice!

My main issues are QB – do I drop someone (Moore as there are loads of WR available) and get Allen, Jackson, Mayfield in for this week and then if I make it through pivot to Mayfield for week 16 or roll with Cam?
Second issue is how many players should I use on Thursday? Gordon If he’s back yes, Allen yes but if Gordon and Ekeler are out do I trust Justin Jackson? Or if Ware plays and Hill sits do I play Ware?

I’ve put both our line-ups below, not finished setting yet and he hasn’t either so we can assume who will be in but looking at it any start/sits and advice on the above issues would be much appreciated!

I’m on the left:

Any insight or comments here clan?

I would just roll with Cam, and if Gordon is active start. I don’t think Ekeler will play since he just got put in concussion protocol yesterday and if
Gordon is our I trust Jackson over Aaron Jones cause Chicago’s defense is for real good.

Thanks man. Really struggling to trust Cam to be honest but him vs those options this week isn’t the dream line up of replacements.

If he’s limited or DNP for multiple days this week including Friday again - would you pivot? At least to Allen or Lamar and get the rushing floor say 17 points and one rushing score makes them a QB1 for the week?

I think those QB are both good options this week. I have Jackson on my bench and he has good matchup this week against TB, Allen has some decent matchups next couple weeks

I know it’s easy for me to sit here and say I wouldn’t play Cam, but I think I’d be ok benching him. Your options aren’t notably better than Cam though I’d be wary of playing Jackson if Flacco is back in the picture.