Playoff overhaul

10 team PPR

My current roster (5-5) need to win remaining 4 weeks to make playoffs.

QB: Mahomes, Mayfield
RBs: Bell, Gurley, D. Williams, Montgomery
WRs: Hill, Thomas, Samuel, Sanu, Green, Fuller
TEs: Kelce, Howard
Def: Bills
K: Butker

Trades offers to me that resets things and looking for advice:

  1. Send: Hill and Montgomery for Barkley and Kirk
  2. Send: Sanu and Samuel for Evans

Also open to moving Mahomes as some “experts” have discussed and there are possible options if recommended

Am I crazy for thinking about moving Mahomes and Hill? Or is it just the right moves? Also cautious in regards to Barkley

Ya, crazy. Mahomes/Hill for what? Both are locked in top 3 at their positions. Would do that Sanu/Samuel for Evans in a heart beat. I’m considering trading away Saquon, but not really sure yet, so you’re right to be cautious.

I got what your saying for sure but to get a much needed upgrade at RB and then turn and get Evans, do you think the Hill for Barkley is worth it?

Also, I just got offered Winston and Cook for Mahomes and D.williams

Like I mentioned it’s a complete playoff overhaul but do you all think it’s smart?

Having Mahomes is like 2 starters and Tyreek is a beast. Downgrading WR and QB to upgrade rb, assuming Saquon returns to form, still seems like a loss to me. Ultimately you know your league so go with your gut, but i’d make the Evans offer either way.