Playoff Push - Start/Sit

Below is my team, I’m currently unable to make a decision on most of my roster for this week. Please, all opinions appreciated for all positions you may think should be changed. League is .5 PPR and Flex is RB/WR/TE. Thank you in advance!!

STARTERS (for now):
QB - Dak
RBs - McCoy, Kamara
WRs - Dez, Tyreek
TE - Delanie
Flex - Kareem Hunt
D/ST - New Orleans

BENCH (for now):
QB - Stafford
RBs - N/A
WRs - Larry Fitz, Marvin Jones, Corey Davis, Josh Gordon
D/ST - Detroit

I am not sure i would start Dez or Tyreek. Both Dak and Alex Smith have been struggling of late. You have some decent other options at wide receiver. Definitely sit Dak for Stafford and you also have Marvin Jones, so starting that double gets you double points for each touchdown pass and Stafford/Jones have been in the flames lately.

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I have been on the verge of sitting Dez and Tyreek for Larry and Marvin - was thinking this week would be a good week to do so but I couldn’t decide. Plus Josh Gordon I think is going to be great