Playoff Push/ Trade Advice?

So i’m moving into the playoffs either a 1 or 2 seed. There’s a huge disconnect in my league between the top two teams and the bottom. There’s a huge scramble for the last 6 playoff seeds so guys are willing to make trades.

I’m worried bout the other top team, and need to solidify my lineup. I have marvin jones jr and i’m worried about how galloday coming back will effect him being a big time treat ROS. I also have Brown, Sanu, Corey Davis at the WR spot. Should i make a move for Juju involing Jones Jr, or should i hold onto Jones Jr and hope that he takes targets back moving forward?
The guy with juju needs a TE. I have gronk and brate. So i thought i could package brate and jones jr for juju and a throw away piece? bad idea?

thanks guys