Playoff Push Trade or Stay?

10team dynasty league currently 6-3 tied for first in div.
Qb: Brady (8th)
Rb: CMC (1st), Demarco(2nd), Martin (3rd), Henry(7th),Collins (FA),Rawls(FA)
WR: Brown(5th), Cooper(4th),Baldwin(6th),Richardson(FA),Doctson (FA),Westbrook(FA)
TE:Gronk(13th), Clay(FA)
K: Bryant
DST: Jax

We don’t allow 1st rd drafted players to be kept. I am considering going for substantial value to solidify my RBs for the next 5reg season games and possibly our two playoff games.
I’m considering offering the Shady(1st) owner The Titans backfield, Cooper, and Gronk, for McCoy and Kelce. Is that too much to send as an offer for a 7 week rental?