Playoff Push _ Trade Shady?

I’m (5-5) with highest points scored in league but with Zeke suspension and Deshaun Watson injury things have gotten bleak. This is a full PPR 12man league. The 11 other teams carry at least 2 QBs…some 3 so I’ve been playing roulette with QBs since Deshaun Watson tore ACL (obvious weak spot). What should I trade for ? Been offered Sterling Shep & Duke Johnson for Shady . Also Melvin Gordon for Shady (Austin zekler is on waivers so I could pick up as handcuff) … What do we think #footclan?

Week 11 Line up currently:

Eli Manning
Golden Tate
Julio Jones
Corey Davis
Jordan Howard
Shady McCoy
Charles Clay
Joe Mixon (flex)

Bench: Alex Collins, Samjee Prime, Corey Clement, TY Hilton, Rod Smith, T Bridgewater

Shady > Melvin still so I wouldn’t do that. The Shepard trade is closer because I think Shepard is a top 12-15 WR ROS…but still not enough to give up Shady. You’re selling him too low. He’s still a great RB1 despite a few bad weeks

Agreed, thats what I fear but with the Bills going in a new direction I’m worried their offense is even more downgraded. What about for Cooper and Ajayi?

So you get Cooper and Ajayi? I still don’t think that’s a good deal in your situation. You’re obviously downgrading at RB (although there is potential he could become a low end RB1), and Cooper doesn’t really have a spot on your starting roster. Not playing Cooper over Julio or Tate obviously, and I would flex Mixon or Davis over Cooper every week probably.

In a full point PPR I like Shady for Shepard, but think you can get more for Shady on name value alone. If you want a QB, target one and ask for their best WR too for Shady and X player. Maybe that will net you something like Smith and Thomas or Wilson and Diggs, etc.

I like one of those QB deals that include a WR1 for sure.That makes your WR core elite and you still have a low end RB1/high end RB2 in howard. But Shady for Shepard straight up is downright ludicrous. I think Shepard will be top 12 ROS in PPR, but trading a top 6 RB for a top 12 WR is just crazy talk unless you have like two other stud RBs on your roster.

Alright guess I’m holding tight and crossing fingers with shady. Any other

It might work to try and package like TY Hilton and Eli for a better QB. Maybe someone who is desperate at WR would trade you Prescott or another top 6 QB

It was Sterling Shepard and Duke Johnson in full point ppr

No way TY is on bye

You can always ask…it’s not an egregious offer. Yea the Shepard/Duke Johnson deal isn’t too bad. I wouldn’t do it, but couldn’t blame you for wanting to

How about Wentz and A Jefferey for Shady?