Playoff push trade

In a 12 team standard league. Got a trade offer today offering Carlos Hyde for Alvin Kamara and Devante parker. I dont really need anymore RB’s as I have Demarco Murray, Aaron Jones, Kamara, Ammer Abdullah and Jalen Richard but I am interested to get one that is doing as well as Hyde. The only problem is I’m quite thin at WR with T.Y. Hilton, Pierre Garcon and Kenny Golladay after Parker and I don’t totally trust Hyde as he always seems to get injured and still has his bye. Thoughts on whether Im being to apprenhensive or if caution is warranted?
Im 5-2 and in 3rd place

Ye I’d follow your gut. If your looking to trade find a person in need of a rb. I’m sure there are plenty who would love to get Kamara for a wr like crabtree, hogan/cooks or jordy and that would help you a lot more than hyde

I dont think Kamara would be able to go for any of those WR’s on his own, probably not even with Parker attached

Maybe im valuing kamara too much. Im sure there is someone like me who would be interested. But maybe you can convince someone Jones is the real deal and Try your luck.

I just worry with that roster if Hyde gets Injured. Murray is carrying a knock. Jones loses the backfield to Monty and Hilton doesn’t have luck you could be in real trouble. At least Kamara job is safe