Playoff qb help

Jackson - Home against TB
Trubisky - Home against GB
FA - Allen - Home against Det

Sitting in the semi-finals and needing help on QB play. I have Trubisky, but have been playing Lamar Jackson during the injury, and he’s been playing well. Trubisky had the bad game last week against the rams. Also out on FA is Josh Allen who has rushed for over 100 yards the last three games. No all stars, but three viable starters.

For me its Allen or Jackson… I would lean more Allen just because of Jackson injury and Flacco being back… If Jackson has a rough time they could bench him

That was my thinking as well, how short of a leash does Jackson have with Flacco Healthy,

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probably really short, I dropped Jackson for Allen (might regret it) but i couldn’t take that chance. I’m also tempted to start Winston over Allen with Baltimore dealing with injuries in their secondary. Need lots of luck with my RB’s banged up (Gordon, Conner) All i have left are Breida, J. Wilson, DJ and Dixon (No clue who i’m rolling with)