Playoff QB Help!

Should I start Cousins at the Chargers given the poor match-up?
McCown at Denver? I know Denver isn’t what they used to be- but do you trust McCown in a Win-or-go home scenario?

Over the last 4 games
cousins has averaged 20.25
Mccowan has averaged 21.25

I know it’s hard to feel good about it but Mccowan seems like a good play.

Either way I think your looking at 12-22 points with each and both have a chance to go 26+plus.

Hope this helps some

I know cousins had a bad week last week… but i would go with cousins this week.

Mccown has been playing well but hed be in denver stadium. Denver isn’t playing at its best right now but maybe they plan to right the ship by beating up on the poor jets…