Playoff QB Please Help!

I have a great shot to win it all but I’ve been under performing. I have Mahomes in a bad matchup with potential snow or Winston in a good match up but he’s Jekyll and Hyde. WTF do I start against a team with Lamar Jackson.

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Shoot for the moon and play famous. He loves to throw picks and then has to make up for it by throwing even more

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Unless we get bad news on his injury, I agree with @jtess72 and play Winston and don’t look back (and probably don’t watch the game). My QB model projects Winston to be the QB4 this week (and next week) and Mahomes to be the QB17 this week (QB15 next week). Losing Evans is a blow, but you need upside - both have it, but Jameis gives the best probabily for a big game IMO.

My QB model is below for reference. Hope that helps. Good luck!


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