Playoff QB streaming

I was certain Blaine Gabbert was a decent streaming option but after today’d YouTube episode, mike was really high on Kizer. Who would you take for this week?

Stay in the Flames with Gabbert. He’s Fantasy Good & He’s Safe . Kizer might give you 25 point games but he’ll also give you 2.5 point games. Additionally, Kizer faces a tough Ravens team next week, so even if you make it passed 14, week 15 is terrible. Gabbert on the other hand has middling match ups going forward. He’s gonna throw 30 passes a game and give you a 12 point floor worst case I think.

I just need a spot start this week. Can’t feel safe with Newton vs MIN this week.

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Definitely got one of those 25 point kizer games. And a complete dud from Gabbert. I was playing Dak in the first round so it went really badly. Never saw either of those coming!