Playoff question

Do all fantasy football leagues have a bye week? I believe I’m in a league with no bye week. Currently sitting in first place and feel it’s fair that I get this bye week if it’s a thing. I didn’t really look into the playoff scheme. Season ends week 14 and the. Play offs start week 15,16 and championship week 17.

Can anyone relate or explain?? Thanks

Our league ends our regulation play with week 13. The first and second placers get the first week of our P/Os as a BYE. So…our P/O’s go week 14, 15 and 16. We’re done by week 17, since most actual NFL S/B contender teams won’t be playing their main players by then (which would be the players most of us would have on our FFB teams).

Meaning…we wouldn’t get pts off of them anyway. So…why play FFB that week???

Hope that helped!!!

Usually byes happen when you have six teams getting into the playoffs as opposed to 4 or 8.

Championship week shouldn’t happen week 17 if you have playoffs to avoid mass benching of players by teams that have already clinched.

The main league I am in doesn’t even have playoffs. We play all 17 weeks and the last week we are forced to drop/add or set up and prepare for whatever may come. I’ve lost a title before because a coach said he would play his guys and then benched them the moment his team got down a couple of scores but it was my choice to play them over another available option. That league ends up being a lot like the old college football system with usually 2-4 teams in contention the last week but rarely playing each other so it all comes down to winning and total points scored.

WOW @psychosem17. Interesting approach. I didn’t know some FFB leagues played that way. LOL…I thought most FFB Leagues played the way ours does. LOL…shows how much I know huh??? :rofl:

It’s not the most normal league setting to do it our way but our group has been doing it 7 years and seem to like it better because it rewards the whole season performance. There are no playoff upset winners or teams trying funny stuff like benching their guys to try and get a better playoff match up. We usually by around the trade deadline have about half the players ‘buying in’ to try and better their team for down the stretch and the other have ‘selling out’ to try and get a good keeper or better draft pick for next year. (You can only have one keeper and trade one draft pick).

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OK… @jordan_villavicencio…I thought I was helping you out, BUT…apparently I might have been misleading you. Soooo…good thing you posted this…cuz…there might be a lot of posters here that can inform you better than I. I was just going by what our league does, and…I, to be honest, thought most LEAGUES operated that way.

I’m glad that @psychosem17 added his/her comment.

I think that’s what I love about this place…soooo many different options, views, situations, rules of different FFB Leagues that make this whole world of FFB so fascinating!!!

Always something “new” you can learn here!!! :thinking:

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I appreciate all the feedback… starting to see weird shit already like someone trading away Ridley for Evans? Collusion perhaps? Also another guy in the 4th seed leaving Goff in having Andrew luck. Back to playoffs…seems week 14 is our last week and semi finals and championship are week 15 and 16. Which is cool I guess due the the teams clinching. So now to choose the best DST for weeks 15-16 I guess haha. I really do appreciate the feedback from all of y’all. Footballers forum really out me ahead of the game standing 10-2 after this week.