Playoff races!

So how close are you guys to making the playoffs and how many wins you need to secure the playoffs? in my league after this week it wil be
2-5 at 8-4
6th at 5-7
7th at 3-12
8th at 0-12 (horrid luck with players 5 went on ir)
im second with 200 more points than the next closest and I play the 0-12 team and should be a win that will guarantee i make it. Whats your guys leagues looking like?

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Hell yeah…good for you @Alex_Tomczak.

I’m fighting to get in the playoffs. I’m currently in 7th out of 10 (only 6 teams go through). I won this week and should be in 6th. Last spot. The thing Is I will have to win next week since the previous person in 6th has the same record I have. I just have more points. SO I will be locked in only if that person loses and I win. Or we both win and I tip over with points. I’m playing the number 1 seed next week…bring it.

Good luck with your match ups. Curious to hear everyone else’s situations!

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Good luck this week. its annoying when you have more points but they get in the playoffs but hey thats fantasy football for ya

I’m currently 7-5 and in 6th place in a 14 team league. In week 13 I’ll be playing the 7th place team (also 7-5) for the 6th and final playoff spot. Started the season 3-5 had Ajayi, Cook, Stafford stinking it up and/or getting injured. Made a few trades and some waiver adds and went on a 4 game win streak just trying to keep it going!!

Good luck to all!!


I’m locked into the top 3 after this week (unless the Texan’s DST puts up 33 points that is) will be second at 9-3 and third in points scored. Only 4th up for grabs and the top 3 10-2, 9-3(me) and 9-3 wont be catchable after the results this week.

I was rolling along on a 7 game win streak and pivoted, traded, waiver wire added my way to a good squad and powered into the playoff spots - but… Gordon’s injury has thrown a spanner in things as i really need him for the playoffs. Its going to be close this year which is annoying after clawing my way out of injuries and a shoddy 2-2 start and of course much ridicule being the defending champ near the foot of the table. Only makes the win sweeter if i get it!


Leading by 18 going into tonight with Hopkins left vs Miller and Succop. Pretty safe to say I’ll win. This win will secure my playoff spot and looking like going in as the first team not getting a bye. Having started 0-3/1-4, I’ll take it lol.

I’ll be 9-3 after this week and nearly 100pts in the lead for total points for the year. If MNF doesn’t have any surprises I’ll be a full game ahead of 2nd and 3rd with them playing each other in week 13.

I essentially have the bye week clinched if they both lose like they’re both *projected to after MNF as I have a nearly 200pt lead over the year against those two.

There’s an early playoff game in my league with 5 teams vying for the final 3 spots & two will be going head to head.

And I have to give the last place team in my league props for playing the season out and playing one hell of a spoiler down the stretch, he nearly handed me an L last week and he knocked someone else out of the playoffs this week.


My league will have 5 teams clinch after tonight with potential for 2 5-7 teams tied for 6th. If the teams do not tie, it will be a 4-8 team and a 5-7 team seperated by as few as 30pts (an amount that could easily be made up) the My league has seen as few as 41pts scored in a week, and as many as 160.

The 2nd place bye week is still up for grabs between 2 teams, and 4-6 will all be jostling for posistion based on how tonights game ends.


In one league I am locked into the #2 spot with most points scored and first round bye.

In my other league, after this week spots 1-4 are locked leaving the final two spots up for grabs.

5th place: @ 7-5 (Myself)
6th place: @ 7-5
7th place: @ 7-5

I play the 6th place team this week so win and I’m in. I am currently projected to win by 20 for what that’s worth. Lose and I need the 7th place guy to lose (but he plays 12th place so chances are he wont). So basically, win and in. I won this week after a 3 game losing streak so its been quite the ride.


I’ll be 10-2 after this week and feeling pretty secure to make the playoffs with my ros schedule and points lead, but the league is top heavy and first place seems strategically advantageous so every week is still must win. There is another 10-2 team, a 9-3 team, a 8-4 team (Just lost M Gordon), and a 7-5 team can all still make the 4 team playoff that starts week 15.


I’m looking at being 12-0 after this week. 6-teams go into the playoffs so I’ve secured the bye, but there’s a couple that are still fighting to get their birth. After me, the next highest winner is 8-4 and I lead in Points For by 250ish. The rest are all 6-5 coming down to the wire with two bottom teams at only 3 and 4 wins each.


Nice work getting to 12-0!! That’s tough to do.

In my league, 1st and 2nd place are secured at 9-3. 3rd & 4 is a three way tie b/w me & 2 other guys. Playoffs are week 15 and championship week 16. Will be a fun and stressful (lol not really) next few weeks. Literally, any of us in the top 5 in our league could be in 1st or 2nd place. It’s been more competitive then the previous 3 years.

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Nice. Even thought I hate having competition it does make the last few weeks very fun and exiciting/heartbreaking lol

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In my redraft league I started out 0-5, and have since gone 6-1 to be at 6-6 and sitting in 6th place. My matchup this week is with the only person fighting me for that last playoff spot, and I have a 1 game, and an 80 point lead on him. If I win I get in, and if I don’t lose by more than 80 points I get in. I am also sitting at 7-5 in 4th place in my dynasty league, but not sure I have much of a shot at winning it this year. There is a guy with a monster team that is basically untouchable this year.

Your redraft league sounds very similar to mine. I started out 0-4 after some bad scheduling breaks. Made some trades, ripped off 3 straight, then lost 2 straight, then won 3 straight again to claw back to 6-6. One game left before the playoffs. I’m currently tied with two others at 6-6 but because of some goofy tiebreaker rules in our league that I was unaware of, I’m in the 7th place spot (out of 6 to make the playoffs).

So I need a win this week against the 2nd place team. I also need one of the 2 teams I’m tied with to take an L, and I’m in. Easy right? Fantasy. Love it.


I’m also in a similar boat. Started 1-4 and I’m now 7-5 and need a number of things to go my way to make the playoffs.

I need to win my next two games, I need to stay ahead of my the rest of my division in the power rankings and another team on that’s been on the rise recently, and I need my current division leader to win our division which will happen if he wins his matchup this week against the 2nd or 3rd best team in the league.

A side note: I’ve scored the second most points this season and have the most points scored against me…

It’s a 6 person playoff, I am in 4th. All spots are basically locked already except 6th could change with help.

1st - 11-1
2nd - 10-2 (fewest points against)
3rd - 8-4
4th & 5th - 6-6 (most points against and only a 1pt difference between the two)
6th - 5-7
7th & 8th - 4-8 (7th place could get in with 6th losing and scoring 30 more for tie breaker)
9th & 10th - 3-9