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Playoff RB Help


What started as a great year is quickly becoming scary. I have Kareem Hunt, Doug Martin, and Danny Woodhead in my 12 Team .5 PPR league. I just dropped Ty Montgomery after he was placed on IR. The following RBs are available on waivers. Aaron Jones, Austin Eckler, Jonathan Stewart, Theo Riddick, Peyton Barber, Matt Forte. Even if I lose this week, I am guaranteed 1st place a a BYE in the first week of the playoffs week 14. Which RB would be the smartest pickup with the most potential for weeks 15 and 16?

Thanks Clan


Woodhead because of volume . Martin in concusion protocal. Martin is useless this year


@gary_gravlin I already have Woodhead. I am looking to pick up the best RB off waivers out of the names I posted for the playoffs


I’m in a very similar boat, with Hunt and Woodhead but Murray instead of Martin. I’ve been keeping my eye on Ekeler and Forte. I’ll probably pick one up next week. I like what they’ve done this season, and I think they could be solid plays


Stewart has a good matchup week 15, Forte for 16


@hurricanetht what are your thoughts on Aaron Jones? Think he’ll take over the backfield again by week 15? Rodgers could be back by then too


It’s very possible, but the matchups for RBs for those weeks are rough…Carolina and Minnesota are two of the best on the season. #1 and #4 against RBs in my league at least


I really have a good feeling about Ekeler going forward. I think with Gordon’s injury history, they may very possibly play him as little as possible to save him for the PlayOffs (IF THEY EVEN STILL STAND A CHANCE AFTER THIS WEEK…LOL).


Jones & Ekelar