Playoff Ready

12 team standard. Luckily 8-1.

Lineup pretty decent or should I trade/upgrade somewhere.

Ryan , Cousins

Bell , Conner , Cook, Chubb , Kerryon

M.Thomas, Sanders, Boyd , Brown , MVS


Chiefs D but stream each week.

Get ur defenses on bench now for playoffs.

Someone dropped Denver but they are on the bye . Any suggestions.

My one concern is Kelce is on the bye week 12 so will have to drop someone.

I’d drop cousins/MVS and stash denver D now. Matty Ice will be good for playoffs and you will never start MVS over boyd, brown, sanders, or thomas no need to hold him.

Hold the player your opponents would want MORE. Example: if opp you think u may play in playoffs is weak at QB hold cousins and same principle for MVS.

Good points. Have MVS in my flex as Sanders and Brown are on the bye and Kerryon is got the Q

Someone dropped Njoku so should I grab now for the Kelce bye in week 12 or wait.

Who to drop - wait until the 13th maybe Bell if he doesn’t sign or Kerryonn or someone else.

At 8-1 I would go MVS for Denver. And hard to tell on a week to week basis , someone might get hurt or something but if needed I would keep Kelce in your lineup on the bye. Take a loss. You are ONLY playing for the playoff games at this point.

I would try to 2-1 trade 2 lower level WR for one better one if possible too.

Ideally, although unlikely, Hopkins or theilen if the owner needs a win since they are on a bye and you don’t need a win

I like the idea of possibly leaving TE blank that week and see what happens.

Believe it or not both the Hopkins and Thielen owners are pretty much out and never do eem to do trades.

From my roster who would you trade. Thanks

Also if looking at my roster what could Kelce fetch if it helped me upgrade. Just thinking of different ways to improve my roster if need be.


Any thoughts.


I’d keep Kelce. Can’t upgrade on the top TE.

But I’d try and package a couple guys for a difference maker at RB or WR. Boyd and kerryon are probably the biggest trade chips with sanders on a bye.

Thanks. Our manager put the playoffs for week 16 and 17 for some reason so lots of things to think about.

Wanting to do a 2 for 1 trade to open up a roster spot for a D for playoffs or otger positional depth.

Also Kelce on a bye week 12

If Bell doesn’t show it opens one.

If you had my roster who would you move/trade?


Any suggestions. Thanks

Thanks anyone ??

Just read the report that Bell is most likely not showing.

One roster spot open. Any suggestions to improve based on my roster

I’d still hold Bell until he officially can’t play this year. I’d look to move Brown (assuming John) and Cousins.

Hi sorry yes John Brown.

Who would you target. Crazy but there has only been 3 trades in our league this year