Playoff Round 1- Who wins? Full PPR League

Which team is more likely to win this week? Pic below.

That’s a pretty damn evenly matched game! If i had to pick a team I’d go with Tasty Treats (maybe because I have half the same players on my team haha) good luck!

Haha, it definitely is an even matchup! anything can happen it seems.

WOW…LOL…that IS a tough one. One team has Wentz, Julio and Gronk. The other has Bell, Anderson and Jax. Ok…gotta ask…which one are you???

Saved By The Bell :sunglasses:

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LOL…that’s too funny!!! Love it!!! Good Luck my friend!!!

OK…geez…just remembered the team names…so…don’t take my comment the wrong way. (sigh)…been a LOOOOONG, LONG week. Lots of personal chit going on this week. BUT…for the record…I gotta feeling you’re sitting pretty this week!!! Hope so for you. GOOD LUCK!!!