Playoff schedule discussion: Philip Rivers vs. Tyrod Taylor

Got a QB dilemma for you. I have Big Ben and Jared Goff on my roster. I am a lock for the playoffs and I’m looking ahead to Week 14. If I stick with these QBs it doesn’t look good:

Week 14 Matchups (and beyond)

  • Big Ben vs. BAL, (NE, @HOU)
  • Goff vs. PHI (@SEA, @TEN)

Big Ben vs. Baltimore is going to be rough, the only good thing is it’s a home game for the Steelers. And then Goff gets the red hot Eagles, but another home game. Rivers and Taylor, on the other hand, have very favorable matchups in Week 14 and beyond… weather permitted:

  • Rivers vs. WAS (@KC, @NYJ)
  • Taylor vs. IND, (MIA, @NE)

At first glance it may look like Taylor has the more favorable schedule in the playoffs, but keep in mind the weather in Buffalo and New England. So, out of these 4 QBs, which 2 would you definitely roster for the playoff run? I’m willing to carry 3, my teams depth is pretty good at all other positions.

I’d roster Rivers.

Yes I like tyrods schedule too but you have good points about cold weather and right now with Kelvin a little banged up and the Buffalo organization being stuiped i wouldn’t be surprised if tyrod throws 1 INT and they bench him. So I would be nervous to carry him.

I’d go with goff, Ben and rivers and I think you just play match ups in the playoffs…

Good luck sir

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I have Wilson and am a little afraid of his week 14 game at Jacksonville. Last week I picked up Tyrod just for some safety for that one week, but immediately they announced Peterman would be starting. I then dropped Tyrod for Rivers and now I think I’ll just keep him. I’m not sure I’ll start him over Wilson because Wilson is killing it, but it’s nice to have a backup who I think will be competent.

I recommend Rivers too. And very soon I think you’ll start to see a lot more out of Mike Williams who will be another valuable weapon for Rivers.

I went ahead and rostered Rivers. Debating on dropping Goff for Mike Williams… I think I’m gonna do that…

I was just about to pick up Williams last night and luckily saw that someone had dropped Sterling Shepard. I quickly put in a bid on Shepard and hope to get him, but if not I think I’ll get Williams too.

Bummer that Mike Williams was carted off the field. Hope it isn’t serious. But Rivers went off!

yeah looks like the rivers pick up was good advice. i have keenan allen on my team so i was happy last night :grin:

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Nice! Good luck to you, hope we both bring home #footclantitles

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I have Wilson too, Rivers is on fire. I would go with him for week 14, but then again Wilson, can run around when under pressure. To keep it safe I go rivers, but this is a win or lose situation, so go with Wilson and pray. Im lukcy im in 1st place on a 12 man team league, so i get a bye week on week 14

I have both rivers and tyrod and will roll out rivers and have tyrod as a safety blanket. New englands defense has been stepping up more where is still favorable for week 16 but i think rivers is just the better qb