Playoff Semi's Lineup Comparison

How do my chances look Clan…im playing Gurley!!! :frowning:

My Team:
QB: Rivers
WR: MT, Pettis
RB: CMC, Mixon
TE: Kelce
Flex: Michel
DST: Houston

Opponents Team:
QB: Wilson
WR: K Allen, Thielen
RB: Gurley, Jones
TE: Uzomah
Flex: C Davis
DST: Baltimore

That should be a really good matchup. Similar at Qb. Two good defenses. You have the clear advantage at tight end. They have the clear advantage at wr2. Flex I would consider similar this week. I would give you the slight edge at rb with a tough matchup for Jones, so the schedule might help you out this week. Goodluck