Playoff spot need help with starters

who should I start, need help so bad to get to payoff in standard league

pick 2 WR: Evans, Diggs, Reynolds,gordon, baldwin
pick2 RB: Miller, Connor, Breida

right now my starters looks:
evans wr
diggs wr
connor rb
guss edwards rb
J smith te
Lamar Miller flex

my bench: reynolds,breida,Gordon, Baldwin,

I think I’d keep your starters as is EXCEPT throw Lamar in your RB and flex Gordon or Baldwin. Rus and Seattle in general are looking great right now (they’re always a second half team) so Baldwin is safe floor imo, but Gordon always has a great opportunity to explode and also has a decently safe floor.

bench guss? and play gordon or baldwin as flex.

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Right. Floor I’d go Baldwin, ceiling I’d go Gordon

but man guss looking good versus atlanta defense

Ya it’s a tough move, but I think it’s the right call. Baldwin against SF is great and I’m quite bullish on Seattle. And Gordon has a better chance to explode against Min I think.

NO ur lineup good. I’d take gus and lamar this week over gordon. As for baldwin… Please no.

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thanks, how about reynolds that everyone talk about as an explosive player