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Playoff team ready? Or should i make any other moves?


Hey footclan, im 7-2(best in the league) in this standard 10-team league.
Im thinking, do i try to make any more moves before trade deadline comes?
My roster:


Honestly, I’d stand pat & im the guy always looking to tinker and find upgrade opportunities


What kind of 10 man is this?! That team is way too stacked to be playing competent people


You should see my team in a 12 team ppr league lol


Bro, its a normal league with guys that dont have the sleeper app lol i got some juice from the waivers and was able to trade for this team…
Mahomes - undrafted, picked him up because the ffballers liked him.
Cmc - 2 round pick
Conner - undrafted
Gurley - 3rd pick of the 1st round(bell and dj were 1 and 2)
Adams - 3 round
MT - traded sony and juju for him before sony got injured
Ertz - 4 round
Chubb i got because of the sleeper app
Marvin jones and Olsen were dropped because of underperfomances and bye weeks
Ito and godwin are available in some waivers as well


Excellent drafting and great trade :+1:


Thanks man, the ffballers made a huge difference in the way i drafted… and also i got lucky in this league. Theres another one where i drafted bell, gronk and royce freeman in the first 4 rounds haha unlucky af


Yeah, they’ve helped me a lot this year as well.


Hey fellas, im going to stash lamar jackson because right now i only have mahomes and his bye is yet to come. But i need to decide who to drop between Godwin, Marvin Jones or Ito. Im thinking godwin, right?


id drop godwin