Playoff Trouble. Line up help please

Alright I made it to the playoffs now the questions are even harder and the point values double (not really)
Just full ppr 2wr 2rb 1 te 1 flx

Hopkins Sutton
Montgomery, Coleman…?

the bench currently
Woods, Jeffery, Waller, Michel, Mattison, Damien Willaims

with woods and jeffery both having huge games and crazy targets should they get in this lineup over crowders matchup with Miami

Coleman may have lost his starting job and is facing the Saint brutal run D. If Dalvin Cook sits Mattison is in easy but if that doesnt happen… Michel? Williams?

Waiver rbs available that im considering
Guice, Hines, Mostert. I think guice might be the guy to pick up and put in over Coleman but who do I drop for that then… Michel? Williams?

Edit. People just made moves and now Jordan Howard still Questionable is there as well as Latavius Murray

Bump for any thoughts? You dont have to be confident just some other opinion help sort out the overthinking :slight_smile:

Last bump. throw a thought out?

I would avoid Coleman this week. A lot of experts seem to think that he lost his starting job and with Breida coming back this week, that committee seems too murky to bet on.

I feel like Vikings may be cautionary with Cook with his injury history so watch that through the week and hopefully Mattison becomes the easy plug in for you(also Cook seemed to allude he would not take a full load even if he does play through the injury so you could potentially plug in Mattison no matter what). However I feel like Guice is the answer for now. He has a juicy matchup against GB run defense and has a lot of momentum to kill it again after last week. I would drop Williams for Guice; who knows what is going on with that injury and the Chiefs backfield may be even more of a mystery than the 49ers, especially since they just brought Spencer Ware back in the mix.

For your flex, I feel like Jeffery is a better choice than Crowder after seeing last week(although both have great match ups). Jeffery finally seems to be healthy and Wentz 16 targets his way last week.

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I think your right and that it might be Guice and mattison which is terrifying for a playoff game but its the best i got. thanks alot stressing hard over it

I think pick up and play Guice over Coleman. Who knows with the 9ers. As for who to drop, I’d say Williams is a riskier play but higher upside than Michel, but I like Michels playoff schedule.
For receiver I would probably go with Woods since you talked me into it and with Darnold not 100% that could be your tie breaker. I know the other guy said Jeffrey but as an Eagles fan, Jeffrey is frustrating to watch, let alone have in a fantasy lineup. He can go off like last week, or he’ll give you 40 yards and leaving you begging for a touchdown on the last drive of the game.

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Ive had jeffery in years past and i know that to be true lol. I didnt know Darnold was not 100%. Ive been also checking weather to see if that is going to effect anything but it doesnt look like it will