Playoff waiver wire pick up: go TE or WR

Do i pick up tyler lockett? i have ridley as my wr 2 and sutton on the bench or do i pick up jared cook right now i’m starting trey burton. PPR and bonuses for 100+ yard games

I think you get both. Drop Burton and Sutton for Lockett and Cook.


well its an 8 man league and they were just dropped and i have waiver number 1 so i’m debating between who’s the priority if i can only grab 1

I think you need to address TE 1st. Jared Cook has been consistent at TE. Not sure PPR but in standard he’s #5. You can’t roll out a guy that’s put up goose eggs for 3 weeks in a row (granted 2 w/o Mitch)

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