Playoff week 1 FLEX options

It’s the first week of our playoffs, I have some options at FLEX I need to consider. Full PPR.

I was going to play Corey Coleman, but a guy in my league dropped Isaiah Crowell, I like the RB matchup better than the WR matchup against LAC, Crowell has been looking a little better lately, just not sure if I can trust him to not put up like 6 points

Alternatively, I could play Paul Richardson against the Eagles at home. My opponent has Russell Wilson and the Eagles D/ST. So there’s some sneaky strategery to be had with playing Richardson.

My lineup as it sits Is

Prescott 16.8 pts
M. Gordon
L. Fournette
T. Hill
D. Hopkins
FLEX (Crowell, Richardson, or Coleman)


Good decision on Coleman as he faces the chargers top ranked cornerbacks (but he should see volume) but to me he is the best option out of the 3 due to the fact that the Browns are going to be playing from behind and throwing a lot. Crowell doesnt really catch passes. Also Richardson will be lined up against Jalen Mills which is not good.

If it was me personally i’d go with Coleman (i think he will have a better floor out of the 3, may a couple to a few points higher than Crowell in PPR). In standard i would would Crowell. Chargers have been playing better run defense though. All the best to you in the playoffs.

Thanks! Appreciate the input!

Update. I currenrly have Coleman in, but The guy I’m matched up against also has Josh Gordon. Change anything?

Doesn’t change anything for me. I think they will both see a lot targets, but Josh maybe will see a little more since they want to see what they have in Josh gordon. Josh is definitely a better athlete but this is his first game back since 2014. I’m going 50/50 on this one. A coin toss, really wish i had a better answer.

As a side note, Coleman i think is a better floor play. But gordon is a major boom or bust. My major concern is just how elusive will Kizer be, because i have a feeling he will be running around a lot trying to evade the sack.

kinda hoping that Gordon draws some attention away from Coleman to give him some room to make some plays

Yeah that’s a good point and very much a possibility.

So much for that…